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About Global Islamic Academy

Global Islamic Academy (GIA) is an online platform for professionals, housewives, children, teenagers, university graduates for learning the Holy Quran with Tajweed.

GIA is a perfect online and on campus institution for those who are keen to learn Quran online, and want to enroll into 2-4 Year programs of Islamic Studies, 3 month Certificate and 1 Year diploma in Islamic Banking and Finance. GIA also offers6 month Certificate in Social Work, schooling from 6th to 12th , both integrated with Islamic knowledge.


Our vision of developing an Islamic academy is inspired by the 9th century Baitul Hikmah (the House of Wisdom), which left an unending impression of intellectual heights of our great ancestors, it reminds us of our intellectual glory and our ethical and moral values which helped us become the most intelligent people of the medieval times.

We have a vision of developing such a curriculum which shall pave the way of producing morally and ethically sound professionals equipped with the teachings of the Qur’an and the Holy Prophet of Islam.

Mission :

  1. To provide education of Quran and Islamic religious sciences to the people and families who do not have access to the Islamic facilities –

  2. To nurture the brains of our youths, professionals, children and teenagers by putting Islamic religious, ethical and moral values in the core of our curriculum.

  3. To instill the professional ethics and high standard of morality practiced and taught by the Holy Prophet of Islam. 

  4. To promote the teachings of Islam, Islamic values and ethics among the present generation of Muslims.

  5. To insist on the Islamic ethics and values in our daily life and to highlight the social connection of the Quran with the society at large.