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Weekend Qur'an Learning Program (Course code QS123)

On Saturdays and Sundays, GIA offers a variety of excellent, fascinating online and in-person Quranic studies enrichment courses for students and especially for professionals and working women. Our courses concentrate on teaching students the Arabic alphabet and fundamental word structures at the beginning, textual Qur’anic reading with Tajweed at the intermediate level, and interpretations and explanations of the selected surahs and verses at the advanced level. Our weekend sessions are delivered by the qualified teachers and instructors who demonstrate how much fun learning can be.

The following are some of the highlights of our weekend program:

  • GIA provides a Quranic studies program in a highly sophisticated atmosphere.
  • In contrast to the usual traditional ways, we have introduced advanced curriculum that may build great interest.
  • We give people the chance to learn more about a certain part of Quranic studies in-depth and to gain an edge.

Join our weekend program from your home or wherever you are!

For students of all ages, regardless of how busy you are, we have live, interactive options as the weekend sessions. Our weekend online classes are taught by qualified male and female teachers who teach GIA Quranic syllabus to students at home or wherever they are and focus on high-interest themes.

Why Choose GIA Weekend Quran learning program at Home?

Weekends are about relaxing and having fun with family and friends while doing the things you enjoy. Through GIA Weekend at Home, Quran learners get the chance to focus on the subjects of their interest (basic Arabic reading, Tajweed, Quranic text, Tafseer) with our qualified teaching staff who share their passion for learning. Through this program, professionals succeed in learning the Quran, which certainly is a difficult task while working.

Benefits Include:

Engaging, interactive online classroom

Improvement of knowledge in a variety of areas, from the fundamentals of Arabic word structure to the more complex levels of Quran reading and interpretation

Experienced instructors providing meaningful and personalized lessons

Duration: 12 months, Saturdays and Sundays, 2-4 hours per week

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Acquire knowledge of the Arabic alphabets.
  • Know the correct articulation points of each letter.
  • Recognize the fundamental principles of Arabic word formation.
  • Learn word structure.
  • Learn from only expert and qualified teachers.

The length of time needed to learn the Quran is not set in stone and also differs from person to person. Depending on your tutor, learning methods offered by your education provider, and your determination, learning entire Quran may take less or more time. As a conclusion, learning Quran should be methodical and scientific.

Firstly, a student must comprehend the letters, letters’ articulation points as well as their sounds. This is the first step towards the correct reading of the Arabic words. Therefore, a student must first thoroughly practice each letter's sound. Our program QS01 focuses on this part of learning. Once a student is able to comprehend Arabic words, he or she must go to the basic rules of the Tajweed. This is the second step of reading Quran without mistakes; later it paves the way to the fluent reading of the Quranic text. Our program QS02 focuses on this part of learning.